Discover hope, freedom and purpose in life at Thrive.

We are so excited to see you this Sunday!

Wednesday Mornings | 7am | Thrive Church

THE GATHERING is all about pursuing the presence of God through worship, prayer and creativity.
Every Wednesday at Thrive, from 7am-8am.

We would love for you to join us!

27th September | Thrive Church

Mini Movers is our music and movement play group for pre-schoolers that takes place fortnightly, 10am at Thrive Church. We’d love to have you along with us!

3rd October | Join one today!

Email us here or see the info desk if you would like to get involved in a Life Group.

Pizza & Golf | 27th September

On the 27th of September the men of Thrive Church are getting together for an evening of pizza and golf. We will be meeting outside church at 5:45pm then heading into Christchurch for some pizza at La Porchetta, followed by a few rounds at the driving range.

The cost for this event is $25pp. This covers pizza and golf for the evening.

If you are 17 years or older and are interested in attending this event then contact Jared van Berkel here or see us at the info desk this Sunday!

1st October | Coin Drop!

Come prepared and bring along a coin to donate next Sunday, and be part of seeing The Pantry continue to flourish in our community.

Contact Donna here if you require, or know anyone who requires assistance.*
*Fully confidential.


Christchurch Courses

Emotionally Strong

Retrain your emotions and grow emotional intelligence. Feelings, emotions and moods govern our lives – whether we are aware of it or not. Many feel they are at the mercy of their feelings and that their situation will need to change for them to feel differently. The good news is that we are able to retrain our feelings.
In this course learn how emotions work, discover what is behind powerful emotions of depression, anxiety and anger, and find the skills needed to heal emotions that are limiting or damaging your life.

move from reacting to responding ● retrain your emotions and heal past hurts grow emotional intelligence ● discover the real cause of your habits ● gain success with stress ● unpack anger, anxiety and depression

10 – 26 October
Tuesday and Thursday evenings
7.15pm – 9.45pm
Laidlaw College
70 Condell Ave, Papanui, Christchurch

People Smart

Many people live in reaction to others but are unaware that what they are experiencing has more to do with what’s going on in them. They can struggle to communicate clearly and respectfully what they are thinking, feeling and needing.
In this course discover the key aspects that make you tick and where some of your bad habits come from. Learn how to communicate constructively with difficult people. Grow in ways of communicating that enable you to ask for what you need, negotiate for what you want and protect your personal boundaries.

trust ● boundaries ● dysfunctional relating styles ● assertiveness & negotiation ● intimacy ● male/female communication & mindsets

28 November – 14 December
Tuesday and Thursday evenings
7.15pm – 9.45pm
Laidlaw College
70 Condell Ave, Papanui, Christchurch

To register for either one of these courses, click here.


24th September

Glen Fraser

9am & 11am

Lisa Mckeefry


1st October

Jared van Berkel

9am & 11am

Samuel Nimmo